Status of EPOS implementation
for the month of December / 2018 from FEAST
Number of Districts 8
Number of Cards 903960
Number of Members 3673315
  (A)    Number of Shops with Cards 1807
  (B)    Number of ePos Shops (Device Mapped) 1806
  (A-B) Number of Non-ePos Shops (Device Not Mapped) 1
Number of ePos Shops without Dealer Mapping 0
Last month Shops not available this month null
New Shops added this month 1
Difference of Cards between previous and current month 1461
ePos Shops with Zero allocation 0
UID Not Mapped Members 547833
Name not Available Memebrs 24

Commodity Name Zero Allocation Shops Total Allocation
For all FPS in KG
Wheat 168 0.000
Rice 0 18897398.000
Sugar 1807 0.000
Atta 0 2433476.685
Salt 0 1834222.000